Employee Incentive Program Types

Recognition Gift Programs

Looking for a one time gift that rewards anything from years of service to customer loyalty? Let recipients select the gift of their choice from the price category you assign. Select-A-Gift has both printed and online program options or you can combine them for a program that utilizes both!

recognition gift programs

Incentive Programs

Set up an ongoing program that motivates and rewards! Perfect for employee sales incentives, safety programs, health and wellness awareness and much more. Participants earn points for achieving goals and can either spend as they earn or bank their points to reach higher price categories.

incentive programs

Safety Programs

Raise employee workplace safety compliance by providing safety awards that focus on daily activities and goals to build long term safety improvement and awareness. Nothing helps build a company's safety culture like an exciting Safety Program from Select-A-Gift.

safety programs

Holiday Gift Programs

Let recipients select the gift of their choice this holiday season! Create a traditional holiday gift program or take your program online! With the variety of programs Select-A-Gift has to offer there's something to please everyone this holiday season!

holiday gift programs

Award Cards

Better than monetary based gift cards, award cards allow recipients to select the gift of their choice while also allowing reporting on which cards have been redeemed and what gifts have been selected.

award cards