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Our e-commerce platforms allow for companies to control their branding,
employee purchasing, and budget management all at their fingertips.
Create a store that embodies your brand and offers everything from
uniforms and sales kits to recognition and incentives.

Getting started is quick and easy!

Basic -
Live Links & Pop-Up Shops

Our Basic platform is a great option for just getting started, collecting sizes and shipping information, and creating quick and fun pop-up shops!
This platform is completely FREE, and can be setup within just a couple hours.

The Basic platform includes 10 SKUs with an option to add on more.
We can sort your SKUs into specific product groups for ease of ordering and organization.

One of the most popular ways to use our Basic platform is by using it as an order form.
Need to collect sizing and shipping addresses from multiple employees? Just send them a link!
They can see a preview of the item, can select their size, fit, style, and color, as well as submit their shipping address. Employees can submit their home address or select another designated location, such as an office address.
No more messy spreadsheets! Just one simple, clean report before your order is processed!

Here are some additional ways you can use our Basic platform:
   •  Company Store
   •  Event Specific Apparel Pop-Up Shop
   •  Employee Apparel Program
    •  Celebration & Anniversary Gifting


Our deluxe platform allows for more flexibility and customization than our Basic platform.
We will use a standard template as the backbone for your site design with all other elements tailored to your brand and needs.

The Deluxe platform includes all the same features as the Basic platform but expands and builds upon them.
With 25 SKUs included with this platform you also get fully custom product categories and subcategories that can be either available to all users or password protected.
Along with product category customization, multiple logo selection is available within a single SKU. This feature helps limit the number of SKUs used and allows you to optimize the use of SKUs.

Another great feature with our Deluxe platform is the multiple payment options for your orders!
Just like our Basic platform, credit card payment is default along with custom coupons.
Budget and NET 30 payment options are also available. Budgets can be managed individually, as a group, and even sent for approval before an order is processed.

This option also includes custom checkout fields! our deluxe sites offer all the payment options listed below:
   •  Credit Card
   •  Purchase Orders
   •  Budgets
    •  Custom Coupon Codes


Our Premium sites give you state-of-the-art custom programing to build a site to fit all of your needs!
From start to finish, our team will help you make the best selections for your Premium site. We will guide you through choosing the
best template for your company, customer sit design that aligns with your branding, and selecting products to for all of your needs.

The Premium sites includes 50 SKUs, with the option to add on additional SKUs.
Our Premium Site platform allows you to have multiple landing pages. This is perfect for companies that manage multiple brands.
We can customize your homepage with professional banners that showcase company information or product details for items included on the site.
Featuring items on the home page is a great way to show off some of your top items. We can also switch out these items seasonally to showcase new items.
Custom categories can be open to everyone on the site, or password-protected so only selects individuals/departments can access these categories.
Each product shown on the site will be photographed with your logo and show multiple color options, all in line with your company brand guidelines.
Size charts are included with each item to ensure your shoppers receive the perfect piece for them!

Your site will have a custom URL, chosen by you! XXX Company may choose URLs such as: XXXPromoshop.com, XXXgearsite.com, XXXcompanyshop, etc.

The Premium site includes all of the custom checkout fields offered in our Deluxe option, ples PayPal and Payroll.

Admin Access includes a backend user account where you can view all orders, manage customer accounts, and run reports for inventory or product sales.
Each Premium site includes one backend user account with the option to add additional users.