Safety Programs

Safety in the workplace continues to be a major objective of employers because of both the tangible costs of on-the-job accidents or fatalities and the human or intangible factors. Implementing a Select-A-Gift Safety Program can assist in not only reducing the overall accident rate but also helping to solidify a safety culture in the workplace.

Benefits of Safety Programs

The total cost of workplace injuries and fatalities cost American companies about $155 billion (US) every year. These costs can be cut with a successful safety initiative and it's no wonder that more companies decide to implement a workplace safety program each year. Workplace safety programs reduce work-related injury and illness, making companies a safer place to work, visit, and volunteer. Of the surveyed companies who currently incorporate a safety program into their business plan:

DPP safety programs
  • 77% believed that incentive programs were effective
  • 55% experienced a reduction in workers' compensation costs
  • 73% said absenteeism had decreased
  • 96% said safety awareness was increased
  • 84% saw a reduction in accidents
  • 70% said the programs were cost effective

A few goals that safety programs can achieve include:

  • Improve safe work performance
  • Lower healthcare and workers comp costs
  • Provide access to more bid opportunities
  • Improve ability to keep projects on schedule

Setting up a Safety Program

  • Decide whether the program will be paper-based, online-based or both
  • Establish a budget and the monetary value to be awarded for each goal
  • Plan what safety goals you would like your program to reward for
  • Schedule a kickoff date for the program
  • Communicate your program's goals and details to participants

Communicating program information to the individuals eligible for participation is an important aspect of setting up a safety program. Participants must understand how the program works and what goals must be achieved to earn rewards. An incentive program must be deemed worthwhile, fair and accessible by its participants in order to become an effective addition to an organization.