Recognition Gift Programs

employee service incentive programs

Recognition programs focus on rewarding an individual with a one-time gift for attaining a certain goal or milestone. Select-A-Gift provides a variety of recognition program offerings including both online and print-based options. Recognition Programs allow recipients to select the gift of their choice from the price category awarded to them.

Benefits of Recognition Programs

Next generation reward programs are becoming an industry standard among companies consistently ranked as the most financially successful and most admired. Companies that place employees at the core of their strategic plans produce higher long term returns to shareholders than do their industry peers. In fact, a Gallup survey found that organizations where employees have above average attitude toward their work and higher employee job satisfaction, also have:

  • 38% higher customer satisfaction scores
  • 22% higher productivity
  • 27% higher profits

A few goals that recognition programs can achieve include:

  • Reward years of service
  • Increase motivation and morale
  • Improve customer/employee retention
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Recognize outstanding efforts
  • Encourage teamwork

Setting up a Recognition Program

  • Determine whether the program will be paper-based, online-based or both
  • Plan how many different achievements or milestones to include in the program
  • Establish a budget and the monetary value to be awarded for each achievement
  • Decide if a custom cover with the recipient's name, years of service and company logo would be appropriate
  • Schedule an in-hands date for the program
  • Decide if the presentation package should be mailed directly to the recipient or personally presented